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Bernice Angoh
The Consummate Word Weaver
The truth is, YOU ARE MAGIC!

 Someone once said that joy is our natural state; it is true and no one had a better way of phrasing this truth than Joseph Campbell who coined the statement, 'Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.'

L.I.F.E™ talks was created to help you embody the magnificent  being that YOU ARE. The acronym L.I.F.E™ stands for LIVE. INSPIRED. FEARLESS & ENLIGHTENED.

We live in a conditioned world where everything has already been preconceived, prescribed and pressumed for us.  Sooner or later, we start to feel the confines of this mold pressing against us, suffocating us, and it is then we realize we need to break free. 

A time will come when you'll be willing to bear it all for the sake of your freedom and only then will you be able to start truly and fully living. It may not always be an easy path but it sure is well worth it. 

There is a whole new life waiting for you to experience, enjoy and be a conscious, contributing part of.  You will not be alone, there are millions of us waiting to hold your hand. Come join us in this glorious dance of life!

I am excited to share with you all I've learned through my own experiences and the experiences of those who've come before me. There is ONLY ONE TRUTH. There is ONLY ONE MAGIC and that is love. There is ONLY ONE LOVE and that is YOU.

Oceans of love from my heart to yours,
Bernice Angoh

Poet, author, mystic.
Bernice is a transformational writer and speaker, Editorial director and Creative Liaison for Essential Wisdom LLC, and Founder of L.I.F.E™

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"Simply put, I've not read an anything so richly infused with pure talent and an intelligent organisation of words in the English language since I read the writings of the likes of Chinua Achebe, a world- renowned Nigerian Author."
--Blossom Nkanga

"Her words are easy to swallow and unpretentious. Even within her straightforward approach, there are undertones of profound artistry."
--Aaron A. Lazor

"It takes a brave and honest person to turn the mirror on themselves and share that honesty with the world. Ms Angoh shot an arrow in my heart; I learned a few lessons about life and love by reading her work."

"That someone had felt the joy, the pain, the hurt, the realease, the hope, the myraid of feelings I have felt, with the same intensity that I had felt them, but amazingly was able to capture the beauty of each moment in words wonderfully... The author's simple writing style and easy command of language are a beauty in themselves, and the subjects covered are so varied that there has to be something special in it for everyone."
--Nahsang Colette

"It is obvious that Bernice Angoh was blessed with the gift of expression at a very early age. The author's compassion shines through her work - in a potpourri of emotions. I have found her work to be compelling, passionate, prophetic, humorous, and I could go on and on."
--Virginia A. Terry

"Her poetry and stories bring to the forefront the importance of Love and how it is a never-ending sharing of each others spirituality, mind and body. Her insight and depth of love is like a stream of worlds that never end. Bernice continues to mesmerize her readers with thought-provoking scenarios and stories which she so eloquently writes."
--Samia Muqueem

"Very beautifully written, your words come to life. Your words have captured a stunning view of your spiritual thoughts!"
--Richard Cederberg

"You are very,very talented with a beautiful soul. Your words are from a beautiful heart. Don't stop writing!"
--Liana Margiva

"Bernice Angoh is the Maya Angelou of our generation!"
--Sharon Fonge

"An excellent source of personal empowerment, self-healing, self-realization and a must for any reader who loves to love and can relate to the reality of being human!"
--Dorothy L.
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