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The Consummate Word Weaver

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, Bernice Angoh has been writing since the age of 10. Her poems have been published in several anthologies and magazines, leading to ‘Poet of the year’ nominations and wins for Editor’s choice awards in the years 2003, 2005 and 2007. Ms. Angoh also has several articles on online and in print. In addition to being the writer, publisher and editor in-chief of her own e-zine, Ladies’ Success Magazine, in the year 2008, she was also a contributing writer to the highly renowned, BHF Magazine. In that same year, she founded and created The Forever Young Revolution to encourage and educate readers about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle—and also co-founded 3G Moms , with two of her friends, to inspire mothers on their journey of health and transformation. 

With several collaborations and contributions in diverse literary projects, Ms. Angoh became well known among her peers, readers and fellow writers as ‘The romantic Poetess’ and ‘The Maya Angelou of our times’. Before long, she garnered a loyal following of people who sought her for advice and inspiration on love, relationships and life. Her two published poetry books, Lemonade Street, 2007, and when a Woman Loves a Man, 2010; compilations of raw and heart-tugging poems, have been described as ‘passionate’, ‘intense’, ‘vulnerable’, ‘captivating’, inspiring’ and ‘powerful’.
Bernice’s very first full-length book, ‘Unbecoming You’, is set to be published within the year. After a long period of silence and adventure, fans of her poetry will be glad to know her new book, ‘Enraptured—When Souls Mate’ (a series of timeless love poems and intimate verses) will be published by Fall, 2017.

Some of Bernice's hobbies include, exercising, photography, reading and traveling. She practices daily meditation and has recently taken an interest in yoga. On any given day, when she's not spending time with her loved ones, Bernice can be found fine-tuning her next bestseller, collaborating with other writers and working on her Children’s book series, ‘Be Yourself and Shine’. In two words, Ms. Angoh is 'Creativity personified'.