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Partnering for a good cause

Just in time for Christmas, Piggy Ink is at it again, rooting up talent from all over the globe and spreading the wealth to a great cause. We recently received a batch of beautiful hand-crafted Christmas cards from Haiti. Most cards have silhouettes of Christmas figures cut from banana leaves -- a simple and very moving effect. For the text of the cards, we teamed up with the talented poet, Bernice Angoh, ( ) whose heartfelt words will bring truth and Christmas spirit to all who read them.

Click the links below to see details of each card and to order them. Cards will be sold at $25 per set of one dozen.

90% of all proceeds will be donated to Sion Fonds, a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to keeping families together and improving quality of life in rural Haiti. The other 10% will go towards shipping and other operating costs.

Sion Fonds works with villages in rural Haiti to send children to school, teach job skills to parents, build wells, etc. In fact, they taught these villagers to make the cards you are about to purchase! Learn more about them by visiting their website: .

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